Why haven’t I just completed this already? Why do I keep pushing the inevitable away, further down my “To-Do” list?

Procrastination is one of the obstacles we experience when we choose to lead the life we want to live, and when we work to execute the goals we set achieve. 

Procrastination occurs when we feel the value of doing something else, or nothing at all, is more valuable than executing the task or decision at hand. Procrastination may also be a sign that its partner-in-crime, Perfectionism, is lurking behind the scenes.

In my opinion, aside from simply avoiding doing the dishes or daily chores, what is most valuable about understanding procrastination is that it is a mismanagement of our emotions as human beings. When we are presented with a difficult or important decision/action, the fear of not knowing EXACTLY what is going to happen creates anxiety or a negative emotion to the present task at hand - often keeping a person stuck right where he or she is currently unfulfilled, and leaving the task unfulfilled or incomplete. In the moment, that energy is being focused on the immediate future; eliminating the positive emotions a person will attain along the way of CREATING CHANGE and achieving their personal/professional milestones.

Creating change is effortful, yes, and it is exhilarating! Creating change challenges you to step beyond what you already know in pursuit of new learning and fulfillment - and that feels amazing! Creating change keeps that fire inside burning. Possibilities and opportunities are endless when we decide to take action move forward with our intention.

My challenge to you is to acknowledge when you created change in your past when the stakes were high and you felt the pressure of the impending decision that needed to be made. There was growth in that period of your life, and your lifestyle and situation evolved during that transformation. Is it time for the next transformation in your career and professional life? Is it time to acknowledge how you are evolving personally and shift your energy towards what brings you fulfillment, happiness, and success?

I am looking forward to hearing from you! Let us get to it!

Best Always,


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