The Optimal Experience is accessed when you are aware of the different aspects of your life experience and make choices in alignment with your personal and professional values.

What Degrades the Optimal Experience? (What are you Tolerating?)

Here is what I know-

In our lives, we tend to get and experience what we tolerate. What we tolerate is often daily, or repeated over and over again for a specific, and sometimes extended, period of time. When we are not experiencing the full potential of a certain aspect of our existence, we are tolerating circumstances that are counter-productive to our personal fulfillment. 

"Great, so I am tolerating a job, people, financial, and family stress. What do I do about it?”

To start off, play with me here, I believe we are always performing in a number of aspects, or arenas, in our lives. We are always at choice as to how we show up in these arenas. Yes, sometimes we may be thrown off by an unexpected event or circumstance; however, we as humans are quite resilient, and in the moments of vulnerability, we are still at choice.

The very first step is clearly identifying all the different “arenas” that make up your life experience. I tend to break them down into the arenas below:

  1. Career
  2. Financial Well Being
  3. Intimacy
  4. Romance
  5. Health
  6. Physical Environment
  7. Leadership
  8. Family/Friends
  9. Adventure/Travel/Recreational Activities

Answer these questions to start getting traction on what is impeding on your unique Optimal Experience. 

  1. What are you tolerating in your career?
  2. What are you tolerating in the financial aspect of your life?
  3. What are you tolerating with regards to your intimate relationships (not romantic relationships, see the following question for that one)?
  4. What are you tolerating in your romantic life?
  5. What are you tolerating regarding your health?
  6. What are you tolerating in your physical environment/place of dwelling?
  7. What are you tolerating regarding your own personal growth as a leader?
  8. What are you tolerating in your family/social life?
  9. What are you tolerating regarding the Travel, Adventure, Recreational Activities in your life?

Once identified, you have already begun to disempower what you are tolerating. You are now at choice as to how you want to show up and approach the changes you can foresee yourself executing in your personal and professional life - which will Enhance Your Optimal Experience!

For any comments or questions, please reach out to me! I would love to hear from you!

Best Always,



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