Hi Everybody!

This Saturday, on March 11th, I am excited to lead my workshop Harnessing Your Inner Power at BambooMoves Yoga in NYC. It is an idea I have been developing over the last year. In this workshop, you will learn specific tools to navigate your life's path towards what you want to achieve and fulfill. 

No matter where you find yourself in your professional or personal life, these tools will evoke your curiosity and intuition. This workshop will offer an opportunity to zoom out of your everyday life, allowing you to connect and experience your Big Vision. You will also zoom in and explore what creates roadblocks or obstacles in your relationships that limit your creativity, potential, and possibilities. We will take action towards removing those obstacles and improving those relationships that are integral to the fulfillment of your visions!

Below are a few questions I have received that you may be wondering yourself:

What does Harnessing Your Inner Power mean? 

- Harnessing Your Inner Power is identifying and articulating what gives you the strength and the will to persevere. Whether it is taking your career to the next level, your performance, or realizing your dream, etc., it is the ACTION that follows after identifying what provides your strength that allows you to truly Harness Your Inner Power. 

Is this for all people?

- Yes! 

Do I need a yoga mat? 

- No. This event will be an interactive and powerful conversation within the group! I recommend wearing comfortable clothing as well! 

I am looking forward to seeing you there! 

Best Always,




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