There comes a point when you decide you are ready - when you decide you have arrived! There is a sense of grounding confidence in the air, you know this is meant to be. There is no second-guessing in this moment. You know it to be true!

This is the point where you no longer play small. It is the point of no return. You have realized your potential in a way that you feel it sizzling underneath your skin - there is no turning back. Well, that is not entirely true. You can choose to ignore it, and consequently live the rest of your life wondering "What If?". However, if you are working with me, you know that is not a viable option. 

Your Body and Mind have now become the catalyst for your Purpose! It is now time to prepare for a sequence of events that will define your initial "jump-off", or execution of your Purpose.

Many set up pre-requisites for themselves before they can accept this invitation from the universe. This is when FEAR manifests itself in "Task Killing" - which we have earned a Ph.D in within our society. It is a specific type of procrastination I like to call Active Procrastination. These pre-requisites are often tangible achievable goals that may very well be needed; however, are not required to Step into Your Purpose. Some of these achievable goals are represented through degrees, certifications, or losing 20 pounds of body weight.

What I want to convey here is that you can choose NOT TO WAIT! You can choose to Step Into Your Purpose NOW, and achieve those goals along the way; rather than deciding you will Step Into Your Purpose after you achieve goal number one, two, three, etc.

If this post resonates with you, feel free to contact me and let us have the conversation!

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