Preparation & The Upcoming Opportunity


The Upcoming Opportunity is an important event that has not happened just yet; however, you know, or have a feeling (intuition), that opportunity is on its way to you! This may trigger excitement, fear, or maybe both - a nice cocktail of adrenaline that will keep you up all hours of the night! Just kidding…but it may!

In most cases, you have little choice (or control) over how this opportunity is presented to you. A new career opportunity may find you while you are in the midst of settling a deal at the close of the market, planning your next day’s organizational meetings, or while you are having a personal conversation with a friend or client. It can find you when you are not PREPARED to work with it.

What you do have choice (or control) over is how you prepare to manage yourSELF when the Upcoming Opportunity is realized in that very present moment. When it is no longer the Upcoming Opportunity, but the Opportunity In Your Face!

When the Opportunity is In Your Face, there is no time for self analyzation. Rather, all of your energy is focused outside of yourSELF, outside of your own head, on what is presenting itself to you. You are reacting based upon prior life experience, and predominantly INTUTION, TALENTS, and HABITS. 

To prepare for the Upcoming Opportunity, get reacquainted with your intuition, talents, and habits! 


Intuition is your own personal insight, or a sense. One of the definitions of intuition is:

“the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.”

Your intuition can be generated rapidly without thinking about what it is exactly. Your body and mind perceive what is happening around you, even when you are not consciously aware. Your intuition informs and points you towards a direction or path based on what it perceives.

If you are unsure whether you are listening to your intuition versus your ego, do not worry! The ability to discern between the two is a mental muscle, that we must train just like a body builder trains his or her muscles in the gym. Below are a few modalities in which the awareness of your intuition can be harnessed and expressed:

    1) Meditation (consistently over both short and long periods of time)

    2) Coaching Sessions (with a legitimate coach certified by the ICF)

    3) Consistent Physical Practice or Exercise (ideally 4-6 days a week)


Talent is an ability unique to you. The definition of Talent is:

“a special often athletic, creative, or artistic aptitude”

“general intelligence or mental power : ability"

Your talents distinguish you from a group. It is important to emphasize that talents are learned and nurtured as well. If public speaking is your “natural born” talent, and you stop speaking in public, your talent will erode. Talents must be cultivated and nurtured through deliberate practice (see one of my previous posts on deliberate practice, or pick up Stephen Cope’s novel The Great Work of Your Life for an in-depth, yet easy read on the subject).

Are you unsure of your talents, or if you are aware of them all? I recommend creating your own “Board of Directors”. You will be assembling this group of trusted advisors based on integrity and honesty. These people are going to give you feedback on yourself as a person and as a leader. They are going to provide valuable guidance, and dare I say advice, while holding the development of yourself and your professional aspirations as the highest priorities. They will tell you what you excel at, your talents, and where you lack the experience and/or resources. 


A Habit is a learned behavior. The definition of a habit is:

“a behavior pattern acquired by frequent repetition or physiologic exposure that shows itself in regularity or increased facility of performance”

Luckily for us, our choice weighs heavily in the decision to engage with our habits! Positive habits, or rituals, must be developed to immerse and ground ourselves into mindfulness and authenticity. Preferably, these rituals are to be done in the morning. You want to feel grounded, or practice feeling grounded, before the opportunities of the day consume your attention. You want to prepare mentally and physically for what is to come.

I personally find my yoga practice as the ultimate grounding tool. My complete practice consists of breathing techniques, sequencing of dynamic movements and postures, and a seated meditation. However, there are various methods of grounding that you can explore! Ensure that the grounding method you utilize:

    1) is readily accessible

    2) can be implemented into your daily routine


Know that while The Upcoming Opportunity is existing in the near future, the time to prepare and train for it is now. The intent of this post is to raise the awareness of your upcoming opportunity, and how to prepare yourself for action. There is a time To Be, and there is a time To Take Action. 

Check in where you are presently.

Let’s open up the conversation, I would love to hear from you!

Best Always,





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